Now is the time to buy a gun



With the occupy movement, and the riots as part of the Arab spring, I think it is a great time to talk about firearms. From a basic home defense standpoint you should own at a minimum 3 firearms. Purchase in this order. First a 12 gauge shotgun. I am partial to the Remington 870 due to the customizable platform. On the cheap there is an 870 clone called the Pardner® Pump Protector, they are always under 200.00. On black Friday weekend you can sometimes find them for 119.00. They will take all 870 accessories accept for magazine and barrel. This serves not only defense, but hunting as well.

Next you should own a 22 rifle. My opinion is that it should be a Ruger 10/22. It is highly customizable, and parts are widely available, and cheap. This rifle is great for small game, and you can buy 500 rounds for 20.00.

Last but not least a handgun. My opinion is that it should be a revolver. A good first one is the S&W model 64. Revolvers are the original point and click interface. You do not have to cock, rack a slide, or charge it. All you do is point and pull. From there it is up to you. I am partial to Glock’s for handguns. I generally carry 2 firearms with at all times. A Glock 23 and a keltec PF9 or a Ruger LCP

Something you should consider if the firearm is for use inside of your home. 9MM and .40 can both pierce walls pretty easy. 45ACP is a much slower cartridge and in my opinion is much better suited for home use. Second would be 38 special for similar reasons. For carry the sky is the limit.

After you acquire your firearms you should strive to store 1000 rounds of ammunition per firearm

Some other items to think about right now.

Local TN Boy

1000 Yards

Mosin–Nagant Model 1891/30 are going for about 100.00 all over the internet and gun shows. They are awesome rifles and where utilized as a sniper rifle by some very famous world war 2 snipers



The ammo can be had for 90.00 for 440 round sealed cans

good deals



Update, 2.4.2012 Cheaperthandirt  is no longer on my list of trusted vendors. Their markups in the days leading up to the proposed gun ban is just atrocious. I am all for capitalism. But 1000 percent markup is  just  greedy.



Search on buds gun shop

Ruger 10/22


.38 Special


Glock 22 for 299.00

Update, OMB is out of business.
J&G sales is probably your next best bet. Below is a link to their used glocks . They generally start around 369.00


These are just my opinions so take them for what they are worth.