Philosophical Christianity and a rare date with my wife.

briefe m eisenbahnstempeln I do not talk a whole lot about me wife’s illness. She has CFS, and Fibromyalgia, and for this reason she is mostly home bound. Every now and then, if things are planned very carefully, I can get her out. Most of the time it wipes her out for a few days, sometimes up to a week. So we just do not plan things. This is really hard for people to understand, especially some family. Tonight though we are going to a live recording of a band we both adore. A band who I have listened to most of my life. The band is the choir, and you can watch the show streaming live tonight. On the last album they had song call “after all” I have posted the youtube video below. If there is anyone I would like to float through this life with. It is my beautiful, amazing wife. Oh yeah, if you are wondering where the philosophy tie is, just listen to the song. messages condoléances gratuits  

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