On Music and Doctrine

sunup stylez dresden here Sitting here thinking about music this morning. I was raised in a neo-pentecostal church that denied the concept of a hypostatic union. It instead embraced the heretical doctrine of sabellianism, modalism, modalistic monarchianism, modal monarchism, or whatever you want to call it. There are songs I remember well from that era of my life. The pastors daughter would often sing consider the lilies, more love more power, and others. I say all this because this morning I awoke with a song on my heart. A song often used in parting, yet one never sang in my youth. Why? Because it would not line up with the false doctrines I was being taught. I found it sad this morning that such a simple song embraced by many churches.  I never heard sung in my entire life as a child, and young adult. Even hearing it as an instrumental on a record by Petra did not click with me till I was older. Not until God started working in me undoing some of theological damage that had been done. It is such a beautiful, and simple song of praise, and worship. I am sure Thomas Ken never knew how impactful this would be when it was penned in 1674. It has been my tearful worship this morning

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