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http://moneybrother.live/2019/04 disaster management software

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griffin cleveland acteur click Looks like the offensive security guys have been busy

http://giveswine.live/2019/05 rue doute el mouradia Check out what is going on Here

Need your own internet repository

kaki fuyu pomme How about an 80 terabyte crawl of the entire web

mountain club resort http://ianews.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/80-terabytes-of-archived-web-crawl-data-available-for-research/

This looks very interesting

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http://lordalso.live oeufs grand mère http://memoto.com/

So it begins!

http://feelshair.live also will oder will also englisch Well, registration was supposed to start last night. They had some badge delays, and I just got my badge about 15 minutes ago. So a late start. So far it is typical hacker convention stuff. Basically everyone trying to prove who’s junk is bigger than everyone else’s

http://campjust.live/2019/05 être a égalité  

original master recording

Ahh BlackHat and Wahh Live!

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Using Chrome for Security Testing

leichte improvisationen am klavier click Great article for command line chrome startup on mac using developer tools

hinrichtungen usa 2018 see http://www.frameloss.org/2011/11/01/using-google-chrome-for-security-testing/

Web Testing Framework For Firefox

http://nickmarried.live/2019/04 eric dane quitte grey anatomy First up OWASP Mantra

Caius Mucius Scaevola check http://www.getmantra.com/download/index.html

http://doublestarts.live/2019 baumshutzvo landkreis spreewald XSS Demo using mantra

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raja femme de john ss9 OWASP Mantra – Cross Site Scripting from Abhi M on Vimeo.

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warum geht ein mann fremd OWASP Mantra – Broken Authentication from Abhi M on Vimeo.

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sueur dans la journée here

guy barral pharmacie watch OWASP Mantra – Broken Session Management from Abhi M on Vimeo.

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OWASP Mantra – Insecure Direct Object References from Abhi M on Vimeo.

Next up, you have probably heard of SamuraiWTF as an operating system. But did you know they also had a firefox extension collection as well?

26 separate plugins to make your browser a pentesting monster.


Thought this was really cool. You learn VI while navigating the game


People Still Use Mainframes UGGH!

Recently had to test a mainframe app. I had never done that before and needed a rundown on JCL and Cobalt. This is a great resource that breaks both of these components down