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Bugout bag! Which One? rechercher dely a embrun 05200 I had a friend ping me recently on which pack for a bugout bag I would suggest. The short answer is the ILBE system of main ruck, and assault pack. So here is a little history The ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) was a replacement program for the Marine Corps MOLLE ( Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), and in some cases ALICE ( All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) gear. This is not your everyday piece of military surplus. The ILBE was designed by a leader in in the backpack industry, and that leader is Arc’teryx. Rumors have it the the ILBE is based on the Bora 95. In the graphic below you can see this pack averaged in the 400 dollar space. You can buy a complete ILBE system for under 100 bucks on ebay. bora95

gleichmäßig beschleunigte bewegung watch So if this pack is so awesome, why is it now a surplus item that is no longer being used? That answer is simple, body armor! The system was designed before the Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) was put into use in the Marine Corps. They did not work well together, so they kept the vest, and went back to the drawing board on a pack. For a while they tested the Arc’teryx Antaeus, and eventually landed on the current FILBE/MDM design that I have read a lot of people hate. So for many of them it is back to the ALICE design with the malice pack.

france habitation vente view Now this is just my opinion,and there are many pack solutions out there. My second favorite is based on and ALICE/MOLLE called the Hellcat mod in most of the prepper community. One of my metrics is cost  vs value, my budget is generally under  a 100 bucks. Like with everything, this is my suggestion to answer a very specific question. Be looking for upcoming posts on my families bucket solution, and what goes in it. As well as what I keep in my vehicle.A few packs

A few of my packs from left to right: MOLLE Assault pack (Multicam), Medium MOLLE Rucksack (ACU), ALICE Hellcat without sleep carrier (Woodland), ILBE (Marpat) consistance selles bébé biberon  

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