February 2014

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Reflections of today, and on the 2nd question in the new city catechism.

Thinking about the 2nd question in the new city catechism, and on the sermon I heard today. What I have come to realize more and more, is just how awesome Gods grace is, and just how much I have to learn about him. I just want to be the best husband, and father I can be. Yet I also do not want to ever forget where I am. This morning while singing “beautiful scandalous night” ( a song by one of my favorite bands ) I was reminded of another song they wrote in the early 90s called wilderness. Here lately I have been hearing about perspectives in regards to applying it to theological concepts. I have been challenged here a lot. Yet the thing that is ringing out in me today, is the lyrics of this song .

The first verse contains the lines

Everybody drinks the water from the murky pool

Everybody learns religion at the blind man’s school

And the third verse and chorus

Everybody begs the juror be more than merciful
For the crime we celebrate, for bigotry we learn
Everybody drinks the water from the murky pool
Surely as it heals your soul you feel your body burn

Is your faith so right
Are you so blessed
Everybody wanders in the forest
Is your heart so true
Are you that good
Everybody wanders in the woods
Everybody wanders in the forest
Everybody wanders in the wilderness

I know we serve a mighty God, but when it comes to thinking we have it all together. We are all just wondering in the wilderness, we are all cosmic criminals.

Just my thoughts for today.

A great video with a hint of sarcasm, with what is required to defeat calvinism

My search for an inexpensive forest axe

So in my search for a forest axe I have decided to take the low road. We all know of the big names Gransfors Bruks, Hultafors Bruks, Wetterlings etc. But a lot of people do not know that Husqvarna axes have been made by the big names for years. So I recently ordered the Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe. I did not like the fit and finish of the axe at all. I knew it would be rough, because I have bought husky axes before. I have ordered another and will be updating this post then. First lets look at the axe overall.

We see the grain is far from the best, and as we look further we will see some knots as well


Blade edge is ground very roughly, but it is sharp. This is pretty easily fixed, as I would have done some re-profiling anyway.



You will see in the above image there is a knot right below the bit. I do not like this at all.


In this photo it looks like there is a crack in the bit left over from forging. I may be picky. But I do not like this either.


the overall alignment of the grain in the handle is not horrible. Could be better, could be worse.


First independent FBI spec test on the G2 RIP round (there is no magic bullet)

First video, is his basic analysis of the physics of the round. Second video is against the state of the art Federal HST. As you can guess there was no barrier sawing observed

Battlehorseknives first monthly special

I have to say this is one of the nicest looking knives I have seen in quite a while. It is 9 1/2″ over all length ¬†and a 4 1/2″ cutting edge, 5/32″ O-1 tool steel with green/black resiten handles, scandi grind, bow drill divit in the handle, kydex/leather sheath and lots of awesomeness. Got get in now while you can it is 175 bucks plus shipping. Go here to snag it.