November 2012

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So I am scaling back my political posts, and getting back to more of what matters

Okay, so America chose one of the most biblically hostile presidents in the history of our nation to a second term. If you call yourself a Christian and voted for Obama, then shame on you. At this point I am scaling back the political posts and focusing on a couple of blog posts I am doing research for.  I have given too much time to politics, and it is time to get back to the only book that matters. Yup, the Bible. I ran across something that is awesome. If you are looking for some infographics to help in your church, homeschooling, or whatever. Here is a some links. They are downloadable and top quality. The main site is here Some of these graphics deal with reformed theology. Yet there is some good stuff here for every bible believer(such as books of the bible , and awaiting the messiah).

They cover such topics as: