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So I am scaling back my political posts, and getting back to more of what matters

http://heavydrive.live training hof bei salzburg Okay, so America chose one of the most biblically hostile presidents in the history of our nation to a second term. If you call yourself a Christian and voted for Obama, then shame on you. At this point I am scaling back the political posts and focusing on a couple of blog posts I am doing research for.  I have given too much time to politics, and it is time to get back to the only book that matters. Yup, the Bible. I ran across something that is awesome. If you are looking for some infographics to help in your church, homeschooling, or whatever. Here is a some links. They are downloadable and top quality. The main site is here http://www.challies.com/resources/visual-theology. Some of these graphics deal with reformed theology. Yet there is some good stuff here for every bible believer(such as books of the bible , and awaiting the messiah).

http://howeverlive.live vorteil erbpacht finanzierung They cover such topics as:

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