April 2012

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Web Testing Framework For Firefox

First up OWASP Mantra


XSS Demo using mantra

OWASP Mantra – Cross Site Scripting from Abhi M on Vimeo.

Broken Authentication

OWASP Mantra – Broken Authentication from Abhi M on Vimeo.

Broken Session Management

OWASP Mantra – Broken Session Management from Abhi M on Vimeo.

Insecure Direct Object References

OWASP Mantra – Insecure Direct Object References from Abhi M on Vimeo.

Next up, you have probably heard of SamuraiWTF as an operating system. But did you know they also had a firefox extension collection as well?

26 separate plugins to make your browser a pentesting monster.


Thought this was really cool. You learn VI while navigating the game


People Still Use Mainframes UGGH!

Recently had to test a mainframe app. I had never done that before and needed a rundown on JCL and Cobalt. This is a great resource that breaks both of these components down